• Facilitator – Strategic Plan Development – Series of off-site meetings with key management team members resulting in a comprehensive plan consisting of company objectives, strategies, and supportive action programs. The process is designed to establish the direction of the business, gain commitment of the key managers, and identify who is going to do what by when relative to critical actions required for implementation.
  • Management Team Dynamics Improvement – A Myers Briggs and Predictive Index certified consultant analyzes the personality types of team members and identifies team strengths and blind spots. The consultant focuses on improved communications amongst team members, effective decision making, and mitigating blind spots.
  • Turnaround Planning and Execution – A plan for short term business performance improvement is developed with consideration given to prevailing market conditions, product line contributions, competitive advantages, organizational strengths and weaknesses, as well as financing requirements and resources.
  • Development of Key Business Metrics (Dashboard) – Identify and report performance criteria that quickly illustrate the condition of the business.
  • Management Development and Planning Program – Institute an ongoing program to develop the skills of existing managers, identify needs for new talent, and address succession planning.
  • New Product Development Planning – Identify appropriate new product features, establish a development timetable, and create an introduction event plan.


“Mike is exactly the type of advisor a CEO wants to hear from on an issue. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and insightful. Best of all, Mike is very hands-on!”

Joel H.

President & CEO
Capital Equipment Manufacturing Company