GROUP MEETINGS In a trusted, confidential setting unique to Vistage groups, executives from diverse, non-competing industries meet 11 times per year in a peer group environment to address strategic issues and support the personal and professional success of each group member.
INDIVIDUAL COACHING Vistage members engage in one-to-one coaching with their Vistage Chair, an objective business advisor and former Chief Executive Officer, who offers advice, insights, accountability, and support. This singular focus on the member’s specific issues results in greater professional growth and peace of mind.
MEMBERS ONLY WEBSITE The Vistage members only website links 15,000 worldwide members and results in comprehensive discussions regarding best practices, and provides a rich source of problem-solving audio, video and written content (including a searchable library of more than 5,000 articles).
EXPERT RESOURCE SPEAKERS Vistage resource speakers are leading experts in all aspects of business and life balance, who deliver professional guidance, new ideas and real-world learning in interactive workshops. Speakers work with members by providing critical insights and tools that business leaders can implement immediately in their companies.


“As the CEO of a small business, I often lacked the intellectual resources necessary to make balanced and informed decisions that allowed me to effectively grow my business.

“My membership in Vistage has provided me with an unbiased and experienced group of peers who both ‘sanity check’ decisions and advise me on my direction. The business coaching also gives me valuable tools to view both my performance and the performance of my company in a safe learning environment.

“This input is so valuable to me that I have sponsored three of the key executives of our company for membership in Vistage. Their personal growth through Vistage has been evidenced by their improved performance and has significantly impacted the growth and profitability of our company.”

Bert Putterman
Multi-State Pest Control Service Company